• Blister chambers are disposable, which eliminates cross-contamination from one patient to another
  • Chambers can be adjusted by user to make one to twelve 10mm diameter sheets of epidermis (0.7cm2 to 9.4cm2 harvested area)
  • Temperature control is based on actual chamber temperature
  • Accurate temperature control ensures patient comfort and lowest possible procedure time
  • Chambers can be connected side-by-side to form up to twelve 10mm diameter blisters from a small donor area

Cost Savings


  • Faster turnaround time reduces staff expense
  • Similar FDA-registered devices are much more expensive
  • No tedious chamber cleaning with inexpensive disposable chambers
  • Low maintenance system



  • Less risk of cross-contamination from one patient to another
  • Flexible harvest area sizes
  • Faster warm-up time reduces procedure time
  • Lower cost


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